Wellness Hut Shungite Stone Powder (1/2 lb (227 g))




  • SHUNGITE POWDER BENEFITS: Shungite is known to improve blood circulation and boost your protection against EMF’s
  • USES OF SHUNGITE PASTE: By making paste with water and our shungite powder you will be able to treat several skin conditions including acne, rashes and skin and muscle inflammation. You can also add shungite powder to your existing cosmetics such as shampoos and hand creams. See instructions below
  • EMF PROTECTION & SHUNGITE PAINT: Can be used to create paint, mortar or plaster or in certain decoration. As a bonus shungite is excellent for EMF protection and the powder can be combined with other ingredients to create orgone pyramids.
  • PREMIUM PRODUCT: All shungite beauty and healthcare products are based on shungite powder. Our shungite is crushed using high-tech equipment, the resulting powder measures 0-10µm (micron)
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Wellness Hut prides themselves on providing quality products and exceptional customer service. If you feel your purchase does not live up to this, contact us and we’ll make it right.

Recent studies have proven in-vivo that shungite reduces changes, roughness, pigmentation and wrinkling of skin; these unwanted skin phenomena, caused by oxidative stress put on the skin. It rejuvenates, and reduces inflammation of the skin, and its absorbent nature makes it a fantastic add-on to natural, nutrient-laden serums and creams. 

Shungite powder, mainly, in the form of paste, is widely used in the beauty and healthcare industries. Shungite paste has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is recommended for individuals with acnes, inflammation, redness, rashes and some other dermatologic problems. 

Additionally, since shungite improves the metabolism and blood circulation, it nourishes and regenerates tissue and has an analgetic and calming effect, shungite powder is applied to treat osteochondrosis, radiculitis, sprains and strains. 

To repair your skin, to heal aching joints and muscle aches you can make a shungite paste and apply it evenly to the problematic area. Cover it with a soft cloth and leave for 1-2 hours. Then wash it off thoroughly with warm running water or using a cotton wool pad and olive oil to remove the stubborn powder. 

Cosmetologists also recommend adding shungite powder to your ordinary your face and hand cream as well as your shampoo. Apply this mixture to dry and clean skin and rub it gently. Then whisk the cream off with the tissue. It enhances overall anti-aging effect and nutritional value of beauty products. 

You can also make shungite paint, mortar and plaster out of the powder which will then possess EMF protecting qualities. Shungite powder is also a common ingredient for orgone pyramids.