Woohome 66 PCS Epoxy Resin Tools Kit, Silicone Mold Tool Included Measuring Cup, Silicone Mixing Cups, Tweezers with Mixing Sticks, Dropping Pipette, Finger Cots, Sanding Strip for Jewelry DIY




  • {13 PCS Mixing Cups}: 3 PCS is silicone and 10 PCS is plastic, mixing cups can help you color, dispense glue or mixed powder, a rich quantity to meet your needs.
  • {6 PCS Measuring Cup}: 3 PCS is 30ml, 3 PCS is 100ml. Graduated plastic reusable cups, Imprinted in both fluid ounces and milliliters to provide clear and easy read.
  • {10 x Dropper, 2 x Syringe, 10 x Plastic Spoons and 10 x Wood Stirrers} Dropper and syringe can help you accurately inject glue, plastic spoons help you transfer the powder or the accessories you want to place, and the wood stirrers helps you mix the glue.
  • Perfect tool combination: Tweezers help you pick up the jewelry, put the filler into the glue. Punctuation needle can be used for poke the bubble of the epoxy making process. Sanding strip can be used for the finished glue, make smoothed; Finger cots protect hands and make cleaning easier.
  • Surprise gift for suitable for silicone jewelry DIY: many DIY handworks, such as earrings, necklace, jewelry pendant and so on, then you can send them to your families or share your craftsmanship with your friends and family, enjoy happy times.
Why is it necessary for every family to prepare a complete set of liquid measuring tool in our daily life?

1. Not only applied to lab, education demonstration, epoxy resin mixing, slime, clay, paint, craft, molding, casting, stain, jewelry making but also widely used in our daily life like makeup ingredients precise measurements.
2. All the items are designed with the concept of simple and easy to use, user friendly.
3. Keep you safe from some danger liquid or keep the original liquid clean by using the disposable sticks or pipettes dropper.
4. Reduce to waste resin, a part of the tool can be reused. Eco friendly.
5. Very suitable for resin crafters and beginners.

Package includes:
1 x Tweezers
2 x Syringe
1 x Sanding strip
1 x Punctuation needle
10 x Finger cots
3 x Silicone mixing cup
10 x Plastic mixing cup
5 x 30ml Measuring cup
3 x 100ml Measuring cup
10 x Dropper
10 x Plastic spoons
10 x Wood stirrers