Poly & Epoxy Casting Resins

Epoxy ResinThere are various types of craft casting resins used by many for their orgonite creations. The most popular type being used is Polyester Resin. Polyester resin is the quickest curing resin which when used under the right weather and temperature conditions can save you lots of time especially when pouring your orgonite in layers. Before pouring each new layer of orgonite the previous layer must be more or less cured. Polyester resin is also extremely toxic. When using it always take extra care by wearing protective gloves and glasses. Casting with polyester resin should always be carried out outdoors due to the toxic fumes it gives off. These fumes are extremely bad for the respiratory system. If you intend to use polyester resin indoors then be sure to ventilate well and wear a good respiratory mask!

Another option when casting orgonite pyramids, busters or pendants is to use Epoxy Resin. Certain types of epoxy resin are non-toxic and thus not bad for your health. The down-side of using Epoxy resin is the curing time. Epoxy resin takes at least 24 hours to dry in most cases before being able to pour another layer.

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