Benefits of Shungite Water

Shungite water

Shungite is a relatively new stone to the western world which largely contains carbon and silicon minerals and found only in Russia but what makes shungite unique are molecular arrangements of carbon atoms within the rock called fullerenes. Fullerenes are cages or tubes of carbon atoms arranged in repeating patterns, reminiscent of a soccer ball. They’re known as the third form of crystalline carbon along with diamonds and graphite. It’s those fullerenes that give shungite its unique properties. For water, shungite provides at least 4 potential benefits.

Removes Contaminants

It’s made of carbon just like most water filters and carbon grabs contaminants but the presence of fullerenes present in shungite allows it to grab additional contaminants which are then drawn into the molecular cages, those fullerenes, but if shungite is used to filter water it has to eventually be thrown away. On the other hand, if using shungite to purify and energize and not filter then there is no need to replace shungite. I recommend using cleaned water (distilled or filtered) before enhancing it with shungite so that its other benefits can be maximized.

Water Molecular Structure Enhanced

Shungite resonates because it’s made of carbon in the infrared frequency band within all forms of carbon-based life and that infrared spectrum supports waters’ ability to form an organized hydrogen-bonded network. The fullerenes help water structure in another way too because they incorporate something called epitaxy which is the ability to mimic molecular patterns which water can do. Epitaxy is the reason that putting a crystal in water helps to structure it and keep it structured. This is not just an old wives’ tale, the water replicates the repeating molecular geometry in the crystal and since fullerenes are a form of crystalline carbon they’re three-dimensional pattern can be mimicked by water to form a fullerene-like molecular structure in the water. Evidence indicates that the resulting water may actually function similar to the way these fullerenes function in nature, grabbing contaminants and gently cleansing the human body.

Provides Energetic Protection

Shungite Sitting in Distilled Water

Studies from Russia validated in Europe and now in other parts of the world are showing that shungite neutralizes many forms of negative energy including unnatural electromagnetic fields. It helps protect water and the human body from EMF’s and this is why people wear shungite necklaces and other jewelry.

Carries Codes For Balance and Harmony

Many of you reading this are aware that every stone has a unique energetic property or properties that can be transferred to water. Studies have shown that information or data can be added to water. Shungite helps balance the environment including water and it can help balance the human body. Special shungite chambers have been constructed and have successfully assisted patients with things like depression trauma and other kinds of emotional disturbances. Shungite is a very balancing stone and when you drink shungite water it balances and cleanses the body. It has been reported in the literature for beneficial use with a long list of maladies.

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